Offshore Development & IT Talent Service

Best Facilitator for India-Japan IT Business

We are not an IT company, but business facilitating company – a bridge between India and Japan in the IT field, providing offshore development service, recruitment service of Indian IT talents and training/translation service.
For the success of international business, mutual understanding of language, culture and mindset between different countries is essential. This cannot be achieved by AI or robot, but real human beings with experience of India-Japan business, and know each other deeply. We are playing an important role in this domain.


Offshore Development in India

We help Japanese clients to establish and manage a dedicated offshore center in India to gain access to the world class technology. We especially focus on the advanced technology development such as AI/ML, VR/AR, IoT etc. You can achieve resource wise scale at a much faster rate and much lower cost. Our partner of Indian outsourced company always takes the responsibility of completion of work successfully. You need not create or manage a different team when you hire an offshore development company. You can get the right professionals for outsourcing IT services. With cost reduction and high-quality services, he development cost can be reduced.

HR service

We offer personalized IT Recruitment solutions and source candidates with high knowledge and skill. Our team takes care of the fact that every candidate gets a job that is exactly suited for their profile and is best fit as per the client’s expectation. We focus on not only Japanese engineers but also overseas engineers, especially from India. Specializing in the permanent recruitment, contract staffing, placement consultancy and managed offshore services, we have a proven track record of successfully recruiting for many Japanese and International firms. Ex) Software engineer / developer, front end developer, quality analyst, programmer, team lead, translator etc.

Training and Bilingual IT Support

To ensure the success of offshore development, there are many factors to be considered, including cultural difference and language communication. A different culture means a different mind-set that shapes employee behavior, communication, and even decision making. Thus, we provide training to ensure that a client and its outsourcing partner can understand and share a point of view. We can also offer the India-specific cross-cultural business training.
As for the language support, our bilingual helpdesk provides seamless communication with Japanese clients and offshore development team. EX) Help desk support, Document translation, Localization etc.


15 Years in Japanese HR industry

With a track-record of satisfying recruiting service, we are regarded as a reliable HR partner in Japan. Especially we have long experience in the placement of non-Japanese workers with full language support, such as working visa assistance and a guide on how to live in Japan.

10 Years Biz with India and IT

Based on our experience in Indian software sales, offshoring and quality assurance by participating in multinational large projects, we can facilitate the offshoring development in India with qualified advices, to lead them to the big success.

Over 100,000 Language Projects

In 15 years, we have provided More than 100,000 projects of translation and interpretation service to various industries. We believe the communication is a very powerful tool – especially in business.  We are the best Bridger here, too.

Why we do this business?

Because we believe that it is a team like us that has to tackle the Japan’s current problem of IT talent shortage.
For this reason, by utilizing our experience and network, we will find talents from overseas, especially from India, who have the skills that hiring companies are looking for.

Why can we do this?

Our founder & CEO, Ms. K Shimada, who has long experience in overseas business, started the company in 2006 to help Japanese companies develop their global business by providing expert language services.
Her background in global business and human resource business enabled her to develop the business into a recruitment service of foreigners in Japan and abroad. This is natural stream.
In 2007, we started outsourcing our localization to a translation company in India – we began to do business with India, such as selling Indian software and supporting offshore development.
For the business success , we have added new Japanese  IT experts and Indian business person into our team, in order to provide more professional and smooth HR service,

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We are a recruiting agency specializing in Engineering x Bilingual. As a result, our clients are mainly global companies in manufacturing, plant and IT industries. (Excerpt)


We are reliable team trusted by people regardless of their nationality, language or culture.

Kuniko Shimada

CEO & Founder

Srivatsa M

Manager of Indian Biz

Yuka Hatae 

Manager of PR and IT

Masumi Murata

Consultant of Indian Biz


ZiniosEdge Software Technologies

ZiniosEdge is an IT software engineering and DX company based in Bangalore, India. With over 150 staff, ZiniosEdge provides software development service on cutting edge technologies for Expertise in AR/VR, AI/ML, IoT, Mobility, Cloud etc.


CEO Message

The core members of i-Link are those who have actual experience of overseas business, especially with India. One of them worked for an auto maker and lived in India as an expat, or another had experienced offshore business with Indian companies. Of course, we have Indian staffs who serve as business coordinator and bridge SE. That means we are professional of India-Japan business, not mere IT expert. Due to big differences of language, culture, values and mindset between Japan and India, we have learned how to do business together with Indian people, through many many failures. Based on what we learned from a long way round, we want to use our knowhow and experience for customers who wants to utilize the Indian skill of engineering.

In the future, Japan will face a serious shortage of IT personnel. On the other hand, advanced technologies such as AI, VR will further be utilized in our society. There is no choice but to use India’s excellent technology here.

We aim to be the best facilitator to connect Japan, India, and the world, and to establish great collaboration based on the mutual respect.

Kuniko Shimada / CEO i-Link (operated by K’s International Co., Ltd.)

Company Profile

CompanyK's International Co., Ltd.
Founder & CEOKuniko Shimada
EstablishedJan, 2006
CapitalJPY 20 million (or US$ 190T)
Primary Business・Offshore development service (IT outsourcing) ・Recruitment service ・Language service and various training
Government license・Employment agency license  ・Temporary staffing agency license
Address(Tokyo) 2-12-10-B602, Meguro, Meguro-ku, 153-0063 (Osaka) 4-8-10-4F Koraibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 534-0024
TEL / FAXTEL +81 06-7896-6600 FAX +81 06-6484-5091